Blocked Storm Water Drain Melbourne

The video below shows a storm water pit filmed some time after rain had stopped. It clearly gives an indication of a blocked storm water system.

With all the rain around Melbourne at the moment it’s an ideal time to get out and have a look to see if your storm water system is showing signs of blockage.

To see if your drains are blocked you can:

  • Find a storm water pit and see if it is back flowing. Water will always find a way to escape, and the easiest pathway is through an opening such as a storm water pit.
  • If you have access to the outlet point in the gutter, look to see if water is flowing.

The best time to do this is while it’s raining if possible. If not you can do so immediately after the rain is stopped. If there is a blockage, water will seep away slowly and a storm water pit will hold water for a while.