Detecting broken pipes in a blocked storm water drain – Melbourne


This video shows high pressure water being used for detecting broken pipes and clearing a blocked storm water drain in Melbourne. The high pressure of the water not only clears debris from the pipes, but exposes a hole

Blocked Storm Water Drain Melbourne

The video below shows a storm water pit filmed some time after rain had stopped. It clearly gives an indication of a blocked storm water system.

With all the rain around Melbourne at the moment it’s an ideal time

Getting a Blocked Stormwater Flowing!

The video below shows the cleaning of their stormwater system in action.

One of our regular customers is a school camp on the Mornington Penninsula. Their drains have a tendency to become clogged with silt, sand and gravel that

Explanation of High Pressure Drain Cleaning


Clearing Sand Buildup From Golf Course Bunker Drains

This video shows bunker drains being flushed on a golf course. Unlike many smaller systems used by many plumbers, the 3000 litre tank on the truck, and the 2000PSI+ of pressure allows cleaning of drains over large distances without