Getting a Blocked Stormwater Flowing!

The video below shows the cleaning of their stormwater system in action.

One of our regular customers is a school camp on the Mornington Penninsula. Their drains have a tendency to become clogged with silt, sand and gravel that runs off from the surrounding terrain and settles in the storm water system.

The first time we cleared their blocked stormwater was when they experienced flooding into the dormitories as a result of heavy rains that the blocked pipes couldn’t handle. The water overflowed from the blocked stormwater system and found the lowest point in the landscape – the kids’ cabins.

In the middle of the night the teachers were summoned from their beds to squeegee water away from the flooding rooms. Carpets were ruined and had to be replaced by the camp. This was something that they couldn’t afford to have happen at any time,let alone in the middle of a school camp. The cost of replacing the carpet was one thing, but imagine the risk to a child slipping and being injured as a result. The safety and legal ramifications were horrendous.

Aqua-Blast removed tonnes of silt soil and debris from their blocked stormwater and tree roots were cut out and removed to allow normal flow through the stormwater pipes to occur.

To ensure there was no re-occurrence of a blocked and flooding stormwater system, they instigated a regular maintenance program, that still runs 13 years later. This has prevented any further issues, as their once blocked and ineffective drainage now runs at maximum capacity all year round.

Other schools take a similar approach by budgeting for a regular program of clearing stormwater and sewerage systems to make sure they never have to experience an overload of either system.



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